The Terrible Plop – available as ebook!

The Prep – Yr 3 featured Shortlisted Book “The Terrible Plop” is available as as e-book from The Little Big Book Club.

(It also seems that the Shortlisted Books for Early Childhood as also being promoted
“During the month of August, The Little Big Book Club is joining in the celebrations by promoting the following Children’s Book Council of Australia shortlisted book in the Early Childhood category:
Source: The Little Book Book Club.)

Enjoy reading it online and then post your responses on the blog about the book!

Year 2 teachers play with WORDLE and “The Terrible Plop”


Mrs Anderson and Mrs Moore had fun learning how to use WORDLE. They made a WORDLE using the rhyming words in the shortlsited book The Terrible Plop!

Have a go making one yourself using WORDLE and one of the shortlisted books!!!

(Mrs Moore will give you a chocolate freddo if she thinks it is better than hers!