The Reading Wall


We promote reading in many ways in the JS Library.
Currently we are running the reading programs below.


This is a new program designed to promote reading across the College.
Students, teachers, ancillary staff and parents are encouraged to recommend a book.
Recommendations can to be emailed to any of the staff in the JS Library.

Reader Feature

In conjunction with the iRe@d project, readers will be given the opportunity to share their reading recommendations.

Online Reading

Using Edmodo “The Book Worms” Reading Club and The reading wall on the JS Library blog pages.
This is specifically designed for those who like to connect about others about their reading using online tools.
Following the introduction of e-readers in the Junior School this concept allows for sharing about  e-books.

Brilliant Borrowers Award

Designed to foster the PYP Learner Profile and Attitudes with the classes  this award is for the class demonstrating these qualities and attributes in their weekly borrowing  visits.



Finally  the  Awesome Box!

The book that you simply must share- as it was Awesome.


NFHS Book Trailers
Slightly Addicted to Fiction-blogPathfinder Swap – Books and Reading Mr. Robinson Reads Golden GobletRead A Likes
Reading Active and Engaging




What do you love to read?’t forget to go the Junior Library OPAC home page to see who was “caught” reading in the library.
Reading promotions!
Write a review and submit it.
Best review each week allows the reviewer to choose from the Lucky Dip – a selection of books and book related things.
See the display in the JS Library with our FEATURE BOOKS & RECOMMENDED READING.
Join the Edmodo group – THE SALC BOOKWORMS READING CLUB. See Mrs Boulton for the code.

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69 thoughts on “The Reading Wall

  1. New Books

    S.T.O.R.M The Black Sphere
    S.T.O.R.M. The black sphere
    By E.L. Young
    Location JF YOU
    Six scientists were working on Project FIREball. Now five are dead and one is missing. carrying plans for a world-changing technology, he is wanted by MI6, and CIA and a ruthless megalomanic. S.T.O.R.M. join the high stakes manhunt, heading into the heart of sinister Black Sphere and deep into mortal danger…

  2. I always read at least one girlpower book a week there realy cool and always have intrestring stuff and good advice

  3. i am reading Zac Power!

    i have read about 16 of the books they are soo cool especially the mega missions and exteme adventures!!!!!!!

    my favourite Zac Power book is BlockBuster so far

  4. I am reading sunny with a chance of storms from the libary
    and phillapa fishers fairy godmother.
    hten i am going on to famous five.
    they are all good books!
    they are cool!

  5. I am reading a book called Narnia it has seven books in it.
    I have read a hole book called The Magician’s Nephew>
    And now up to The Loin,The Witch and the wardrobe.

  6. i’m m reading Zac Power!!!!!!!!

    it’s sooo cool.i’ve read nearly finished every book
    The mega missions and extreme missions are the

  7. I am reading Dear Dumb Diary

    I am reading the best book it is funny and it has really cool pictures and there is a lot of interesting and funny words like sugarberry and deathbite and wobbly.

    It’s the best book i have ever read!!!

  8. i am reading Dairy of the wimpy kid and zac powers.

    wimpy is realy funnyand i have nealy finished it.
    zac power is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Im reading comics about ben10 and other people with all about new movies and star wars lego people i like it beacuse its not always about the same thing plus its got really funny pictures in it plus it has some boring stuff to.

  10. My favourite book that i have read before would have to be the deltora quest series because they make it like you are really there and especialy for me coz i got a good imagination and i already have read all of the series books but i am still collecting them to put on my bookshelf thats litraly bursting with books!!!! the series is by emily rodda and i recommend you read them!!!
    the books im reading now are…
    the sisters grimm, the sisters grimm, adults only, doctor who and up up and away!

  11. At the moment I am reading the Spy Girl series, Mel Beeby Agent Angel, the Rondo series and the Famous Five series. I like to read Adventure and Girly books. Reading is my favourite things to do and I like to read really big books.

  12. At the moment I am reading Harry Potter and the Phiospher’s stone. I am also reading fact books like Guinness world record books. I like reading fun gross books and depending on what mood I am in I like to read girly books too. I like adventure books and other things like that.

  13. Animorphes
    Beast Quest
    Animal infomation books
    These are books I would recomend to boys in 4,5 and 6.
    We are reading boy overboard, morris gleitezman

  14. At the moment I am reading the inkheart triology. I have nearly finished the first book. This is a book about a book that is also called Inkheart. It’s called Inkheart because in it there is a very bad man who has a heart of ink. His name is Capricorn and he is named after one of the star signs. I recommend this book to people who like a little bit of excitement and like reading longer books with big chapters.

  15. I enjoy reading adventure stories and horse. I have read once and then. two really good books. There sad but I recomend them to everyone.

  16. I really enjoy reading its fun and always a great adventure but my favourite Is Geronimo Stilton , Junie B. Jones
    Junie b jones is a girl who is really funny the auther is very entertanting .
    Geronimo stilton is more adventure and exciting
    And For that i Recomend it to everyone

    Enjoy Reading

  17. I like to read true story chapter books. I like sad ones the best. I’m more interested in the diaries the children write.

  18. At the moment i am reading dairy of a wimpy kid the last straw. I have read the wimpy kid books before. I love them!

    I think reading gives you and lets out your sense of adventure!

  19. The book i am reading at the moment is called Mahtab’s Story.
    I have only just started, but it seems really good. It is about a girl named Mahtab who lives in Pakistan and has to flee to Iran.

  20. I am reading the DARCY J DOYLE DARING DETECTIVE series by Linda Lee Maifair. I love reading these books to my classes and they love hearing about her detective mysteries.

  21. I like read Beast Quest and Zac Power. These are adventure books and they are fun to read. Recommended for boys aged 8-9 years.

  22. I really enjoy:
    The undys
    Freak street.
    I think boys should read these because they are really funny. There also very good because they keep you excited.

  23. I like reading harry potters because there are a great adventure and they have a great story in them and they have a great author.

  24. i love andy griffiths story’s because he makes really funny story’s and polmes and pikichers and love gust love his story’s

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