Year 5 Term 3


In Term 3 Year 5 are inquiring into Australia the nation.

Central idea: A nation is shaped by its past.

Key Concepts: Change, Causation

Lines of inquiry:

  • The people in Australia’s history
  • The development of Australian colonies in the 19th century
  • How people and events shape the future of a nation

JSSALC resource links from DIIGO – Explorers

The students have some excellent resources on their  Moodle page to start considering this area of study.

Additionally, the Year 5 SALC EDMODO page is a great place to share your resources with your class members.

Go to AUSTRALIAN CHILDREN’S BOOKS to get a feel for the culture of the time and this link has many places for you to start searching about your topic.

History Mystery Tour

The students frontloaded the unit with a “History Mystery Tour” examining the cause and effect of some key areas of development in the life of the College.

This is one of the clues. (Scan me using a QR code reader).



Click here to open this binder in a new window.


Yr 5 Colonial Day on PhotoPeach


The voicethread  below is about Migration to Australia

Listen and view the voicethread – add your comments.



Central idea:

Leaders use a variety of skills and strategies to influence others.

Key Concepts: Responsibility, Form

Lines of inquiry:

  • Different styles of leadership
  • Effective leadership skills and strategies
  • Our responsibility as a leader




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24 thoughts on “Year 5 Term 3

  1. they were carrying bags and breif cases and the other picture was one person out of one country and another person out of another country joining or helping each other across

  2. I think that Colonial Day was a great day. I liked the part when the teacher was so funny but also very strict. The outfits were ”AWESOME” and it was probably my second favourite thing besides camp – I loved it!!! Thanks Mr Dalby , Mrs A and Miss Stehn for the wonderful time that I had.

  3. The photo looks very old. They look like they are all wearing old fashion day clothing, and they are all dresses up in their fancy clothing. Some are carrying children and brief cases. The ship they are coming off looks quite old as well.

  4. they were wearing long, strange clothes and some of them were carring breifcases. the ship that they were coming off looked pretty old too.

  5. The first picture depicted people of the olden day times wearing clothing that was popular then. The second picture was someone from Australia reaching out to someone in another country.

  6. the people were carrying suit cases and were probably glad to get off the ship because they had been on it for weeks and weeks!

  7. I really enjoyed Colonial Day!!!!!!! But I’m glad I’m in school now and not back then. They had so many rules. And you could get whipped for just about anything.

  8. It wpuld definately not be a very soft ride if you wanted to get places because you did not have any electricity to keep you warm and you don’t have really cosy jumpers. People did have very formal suits on, especially the men. Also the tests would of been a real big challenge to get a high mark on. Those who did not get a high mark probably got the strap.

  9. The photos do look really old, the bakground of the ship looks very big and the dresses the people are wearing are very long. I think that they had to complete forms say why they neede to migrate to Australia. I problbly woudn’t pas the test because it would of been really hard.

  10. I noticed that the boat is a steam boat because of the big smoke stacks on top of the boat. Also the people were well dressed in suits and carrying large suit cases which look different to our suit cases today.

  11. The photo of the people from Russia were wearing warm clothes from Russia.
    One of the photos had 2 men in it and they had skirts on, maybe they were from Scotland.

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