Programming with Apps – Prezi and Thinglink


The links and support resources for teaching Programming with Apps for Teachers and Students.

More resources can be found at EdOffICT Programming page.
This prezi is under construction – just an upload of PDF’s at the moment. Will be adding to it soon.


The below thinglink has the links to the apps used in the session and some additional resources.

Random Sharing – research, websites, apps and Geography!

Some great new finds…..


Research tools and websites, Goolge Docs and Apps for Geography.

STUDY VIBE – Fantastic site!


Resources for teachers





Slideshare – Geography and Apps.

Love your library month

Some ideas to use with the students

1) Make an origami heart and share your message about why you love your library.

2) Writing From the Heart – Lesson plan

“Students explore the writing process by identifying people,  places, ideas, or things that are important to them. Students  will use technology to write, peer-edit, revise, and compile their  final products.”


Instructions for Origami Heart


Easy folding instructions



Note taking, Edshelf and Blendspace

Note taking is something that we all need to do.

Enclosed in the Blendspace below is an excellent tutorial that guides the listener in good practice and ways to improve and be more effective and efficient.

The skill of note taking is one that can be developed with practice.

The Blendspace below has interactive tutorials, suggested guidelines and images of how notes can be set out.

How good are your note taking skills?

See Blendspace reviewed here.

More of my Edshelf collections.

Some researching tools and note taking apps

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More programming apps and software

I have gathered some of the programming apps and resources for teaching programming to younger students using EdShelf.

Since my earlier post Introduction to Programming I have discovered a few new apps. These are in this collection.


Cato’s Hike

Kine Script

See this collection at
The Programming for Primary students Collection by Julia Boulton: Programming for Primary students #edtech #digitaltechnologies #programming #edublog