Google logos

I am sure you have noticed the homepage on Google and the logos and doodles that change every so often.

A recent one is in reference to Les Paul’s contribution to music.


At the time I was intrigued that you were able to “make music” by strumming the strings on the logo. What I didn’t notice is that you are also able to record your music making (see the little black record button on the right).

Have a go – see what music you can make.

Immanuel’s digital story for ISTE 2011

View the digital story of the tablet program at Immanuel Lutheran College.

Cheryl Fillmore and Lee Bond, from Immanuel Lutheran College (Maroochydore), will be presenting at ISTE 2011.

“Digital story of the 2010 HP/ISTE tablet project. Systemic change, development of two new buildings and an exciting future project.”

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