ICT in the PYP Conference Hong Kong

The PYP ICT in the PYP Conference was held at Renaissance College, in Hong Kong.

It was focused on futher developing an understanding of the place of ICT in PYP.

The inital day was focussed on the purpose and philosophy of ICT in the PYP,  international mindedness and the development of the  essential elements of PYP through the use of ICT.

The subsequent days built on this knowledge and understandings developed allowing for application to specific participants environments.

To see some of the comments via the twitter comments go to ICTinPYP (#ICTinPYP), my book marks (delicious) @JSSALC and my prezi @

And completely off the track – have you tried  vegetable stuffed pig intestines? I  have… at a vegetarian restaurant in Hong Kong.

This is what they looked like!


To view some photos go to ICTinPYP flickr, kkfung’s photostream and my wiki page JSSALCLibrary.


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