GOOGLE EARTH – Educational value

Have you considered using GOOGLE EARTH  to enhance your lessons?

Go to 25 ways (and tips) to use GOOGLE EARTH in the classroom.

Some other useful GOOGLE EARTH sites are:

Some examples:

Google Earth Outreach Showcase
How non profit organisations are using Google Earth and maps to show their cause visually.



and see GOOGLE EARTH LESSONS website.

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Feature Books Term 2 Week 7 -10

Feature Books Week 7 -10

Read the FEATURE BOOKS to your classes. Write a comment REFLECTING on the book (PLUS, MINUS or INTERESTING) about the book.

Josh and the Woo Woo‎ (David Bedford – 2009)

Jasper McFlea Will Not Eat His Tea‎ (Lee Fox, Mitch Vane – 2009)

Journey of the Sea Turtle‎ (Mark Wilson – 2009)

In the Dark‎ (Lemonfizz Media – 2010)
SHINE’s solar energy station is under threat from evil agency SHADOW.

Diablo’s Doom‎ (Sean Willmore, Alison Reynolds – 2010)

Terror in the Attic‎ (Barbara Mitchelhill – 2008)


Feature Books Term 2 Week 3 – 6

Feature Books Term 2 Week 4

The Polar Bear Paddle‎   David Bedford

Alfie the polar bear loves to do the Polar Bear Paddle; although his brothers tell him he is too old for the baby pool, they are too busy to teach him how to swim in the sea and he must turn to Diving Bird and Seal for help.

PYP PROFILE/ATTITUDES: confidence, risk-taker

0 ReviewWrite review     Danny, the Duck with No Quack‎   Malachy Doyle

Shy little Danny the duck goes in search of his missing quack, only to find that it takes two tricky foxes to solve the problem.


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Riley and Rose in the Picture‎
 Susanna Gretz

In a quirky tale of dueling artists, Susanna Gretz humorously addresses the give-and-take of friendship — and the creative power of self-expression.

PYP PROFILE/ATTITUDES: creativity, co-operation

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Please Don’t Torment Tootsie‎

Margaret Chamberlain

PLEASE don’t torment Tootsie, or provoke Poochie. Don’t madden Mutley, or disturb Dixi. Do not bully Bitsy, or even think of teasing Trixi. Youd be MAD to wind up Whitney.

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