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Q: What is your favourite place to read?

Q: What are you currently reading?

Q Do you have any favourite authors?

Q Is there an author you would like the meet and why?

Q Where are most of the books in your home?

Q Which book will you take on your next holiday?

Q What was the last book you bought for someone else (or the last book you recommend someone buy)?

Q Name: 3 of your most memorable reads

Q Can you remember your favourite book when you were younger?

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First Day Jitters  by  Julie Danneberg

6269Sarah is afraid to start at a new school, but both she and the reader are in for a surprise when she gets to her class.

PYP ATTITUDES – confidence and risk -takers

The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear and ill. Anne Mortimor



Hear this story begin read here.

“In this beautifully illustrated edition of the beloved nonsense poem by Edward Lear, Anne Mortimer takes the reader on the delightful voyage of the Owl and the Pussycat as they sail across the sea and travel into lush jungles, all by the light of the moon. Filled with rich detail and breathtaking artwork, this is a glowing tribute to the power of true love.”

Extract of a review by

Kirsten Cutler, Sonoma Library, CA


The Lighthouse Keeper’s Surprise by Ronda & David Armitage

“Hamish, the lighthouse cat, is stuck up a tree far away from his cosy lighthouse home. And Mr Grinling and his great-nephew, George, are stuck in the lighthouse on Christmas Eve| Find out if they all get home safely in these two delightful Lighthouse Keeper sories, now in one handy B-format bind-up.”

Review from Boomerang Books



Add your comments to your photos – Fotobabble and Superlame!

Ever wanted to add speech bubbles or conversation to your student photos or work?

Fotobabble is just one tool that can do this easily. Another is Superlame!
Photobabble allows you to add audio, whereas Superlame allows you to add captions and to download the image to use offline.

Judith Way’s award winning blog has some suggestions about how to use Fotobabble in the classroom as well as excellent advice about how to do this ethically and responsibly.

“Students can use their own photos or those from copyright free or Creative Commons websites and then record a narration. Fotobabbles may be kept private, just remember to ensure the privacy box is ticked and click ’save’. As with most social media sites, there is a way of reporting objectionable content, but there is no way of ensuring students don’t find any, unless you investigate first and supervise use.”

Fotobable” by Judith Way from the Bright Ideas blog
April 9, 2010.

New standard makes whiteboard content more accessible

Ever wanted to use that IWB but the software is not compatible with the one the school is using? There is hope – and Common File Format (CFF) coming…

“Our goal was to make all files interchangeable through a generic file format,” explained Hedrick Ellis, senior project manager for RM Education. “We wanted something any word processor could open.”said Steve Lucey

Stay tuned for more information…

eschool news Common File Format developed for U.K. interactive whiteboard content, and U.S. could be next
By Meris Stansbury, Associate Editor
April 2, 2010.