Year 2 and the Makerspace

Year 2 and the Makerspace

Central Idea 

Technology has changed over time and influences the way people live.

Key Concepts    

  • Change and Connection

Related Concepts

  • Innovation and Discovery

Lines of Inquiry

  • What technology is.
  • How technology has changed over time.
  • Ways technology has influenced our lives.

Design Task

Future Technology: Design a Car

Year 2

Year 2 have been celebrating!!!

The current unit of inquiry is called Let’s Celebrate.

People recognise important events through celebration and traditions.

  • What traditions are
  • How and why people celebrate
  • Similarities and differences between various celebrations

They created a poster or a model and spoke about what they learned.

Want to see some of their work?

Go to their VOICETHREAD and feel free to comment?