Curation tools for Students & Teachers

Don’t Bookmark, Curate Online Content

“A content curation tool, in simple English, lets you easily pull videos, images, presentations, tweets, blog posts and other web content into a collection which you can then embed, publish or share online. I have been testing a few online curation tools and here’s a quick review of them all to help you pick the right one for your needs.”
Blog post by Amit Agarwal (Digital Inspiration)

Joyce Valenza also discusses the place of curation tools in researching.She called curation “the new search tool“.

AND check out this LIVEBINDER by Carolyn Jo Starkey.

This concept seems like a great way to share easily from many places.
I use a variety of tools but this seems like the way to go. Anything that makes researching and collaboration simpler is a good idea.

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