Show me how!

Year 6 have been learning the process to create a presentation using the Show Me app or the Explain Everything app. These are excellent tools that will be useful to help prepare for the Exhibition later this year.See below for the first two students who have submitted their tutorial or presentation.

See the ICLT4ME Student Reviewed Apps for more examples.

More will be added to our WONDER WALL(s) in the JS Library as the students complete them.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

These display spaces in the JS Library are Showcasing student work and reflections, or support resources for the UOIs. They are activated by QR codes and the Aurasma app.



New JS Library app using Blippit

Would you like to create your own app?

This is one for the JS library.


NB This is now not active as of March 2015. View video below for the content of any teacher created app.

Scan the QR code or go directly to the web address.

See me to for your school account and start creating.



When the classes visit the library for Student Led Conferences in a few weeks time they will have time to explore the library using  the PYP Concepts.

Each year level has a suggested PYP concept to explore but of course students can choose what they would like to do in this time.

These videos were created using Powtoon (which you are clearly told at the end of each animation).

Powtoon might be an excellent tool for Year 6 students and their upcoming Exhibition.