Outstanding picture books – Books that pack a punch

 Older Reader Picture Books

The following picture books are worth spending some time analyzing and enjoying.

One small island – PYP Appreciation, Caring, Respect, Integrity

“In One Small Island, Alison Lester and Coral Tulloch bring us the story of this remote and precious World Heritage Site.  Together they explore the island’s unique geological beginnings, discovery and degradation at the hands of humans, and the battle to restore it today.”

From little things big things grow – PYP Caring, Respect, Tolerance, Commitment

“Kev Carmody and Paul Kelly’s famous song has here been turned into a beautiful picture book. Featuring the background story to the lyrics and the lovely artwork of Peter Hudon and children from Guringji country in the Northern Territory, this is a title that will appeal to adults and children alike.”


Peaceful Hero – PYP Respect, Appreciation, Integrity, Principled

Why is “hero” a word so often reserved for warriors who fight with guns and weapons to defend their people? In this uplifting book, renowned picture book biographer Jonah Winter writes of another kind of hero, a peaceful hero, who is willing to die for a cause, but never to kill for a cause.

AND this one is just a bit of fun!


The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish PYP – Creativity, Appreciation


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