Robotics Rule:Sphero

SPHERO MAZE CHALLENGE                   TASK: Design a maze for the sphero to travel through. Consider the ways that the other teams can gain or lose points. Challenge another team to complete your maze. Use any of the sphero apps on the iPad to complete this challenge. Instructable: […]

Cubelets: ICT Mentor Led Sessions

                        SELECT 3 CUBELETS (one from each category) THINK block SENSE block ACT block Q: What does this cube do and when connect a ____?  What happens?  CUBELET YOUTUBE PLAYLIST Select the link to play all the videos tagged as “cubelets”. MORE RESOURCES DIIGO CUBELETS […]

ROBOTICS RULE: THE JS Library M@kerspace

The focus for the JS Library Makerspace in Term 4 is exploration with robotics. Students have access to the following robotic resources Bee Bots Cubelets Spheros In Term 1 some Year 1 students were able to learn with the Lego WeDo).   Additionally, we try to match the concepts to literature.           Photos […]

Maker Spaces, Design Thinking & STE(A)M

Ideas in the making…. Just some thoughts Creating a Maker Space is just one way that we can connect what happens in the library to the real world. There are many versions of Maker Spaces. In reality it depends on many variables such as money, space and time. The Horizon Report 2014 (preview)  has identified  some […]


BOOK WEEK 2016 Australia: Story Country There will be various ways for students to get involved in Book Week and Science Week over the course of Term 3 through literature and Shortlisted Books robotics and coding – telling stories ICT tools – writing stories Some of these activities will focus on Storyboarding , Exploring the World through Literature […]