How does ICT and technology impact on your learning (and teaching)?

Consider how you learn at St Andrews….

Think about the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) that you use to support your learning journey and inquiry?

How does using technology impact your learning (and teaching)?

Yr 4 -6  wallwisher 

Yr 5 A created their own wallwisher. This is what they thought  Yr 5A wallwisher.

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Oliver and Reading Lists survey

In order to improve the use of resources in the JS Library, the Oliver catalogue has the function of READING LISTS.

All teachers and students have been introduced to this resource.

In order to make the most of the function READING LISTS and to ensure it meets your needs, please complete the survey below.

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Schools Thinking Differently

Most of us probably think of a school as having four walls, desks and chairs.

These schools think differently about education.

GREEN SCHOOL (from TED talks)


Floating school Bangladesh






What are your thoughts about the different types of schools and how they learn?

What you change at your school?


In the Junior School this year we have been using a WEB 2.0 tool called EDMODO.

It is a micro-blogging tool that allows the students to post a comment, upload a file, follow a link all in a secure chatroom environment.

Students in Year 6 have been using it for their Unit of  Inquiry – Where we are in place and time – to discuss their inquiry into Refugees.

We also have a Junior Japanese page, Hoshi Club, Junior Library Monitor page and Junior Library Chatroom (Year 3 -6 SALC students only) . Each group page has a code. Please see the relevant teacher if you wish to join the group.