WebLists – web 2.0 tool

Q: What is Weblist?
A: Weblist is a social listing site that allows users to create smart lists from URLs, Photos, Music, Videos, Documents and Files.
The smart list will then be displayed in thumbnail view for easy browsing, sharing, and organization.”

This could be a great tools for helping students when they are reseaching!





In the Junior School this year we have been using a WEB 2.0 tool called EDMODO.

It is a micro-blogging tool that allows the students to post a comment, upload a file, follow a link all in a secure chatroom environment.

Students in Year 6 have been using it for their Unit of  Inquiry – Where we are in place and time – to discuss their inquiry into Refugees.

We also have a Junior Japanese page, Hoshi Club, Junior Library Monitor page and Junior Library Chatroom (Year 3 -6 SALC students only) . Each group page has a code. Please see the relevant teacher if you wish to join the group.