What is social media

What is Social Media?
Social  media is in every device on a phone to a 
computer. It  includes Facebook , Instagram  even 
face time everything thing on your phone is social 
media. Social media can be on all mobile products.
Social media is used for work , studying or twitter.

Communication through Social Media
Ways we can  communicate with social media you can 
go on messenger and message people or you can FaceTime or call people. You can text other people from around your state or in your country. You can text family or friends from a different country on Instagram
snapchat , Facebook & others.

It has changed over time because in the 1980 they
Didnt have social media like Instagram  , Snapchat,
Twitter  but they did have caller and text messages 
To call friends and family.

I recomend that most people should have social media
because it helps people know where you are if you 
get lost. It helps with making stuff that you don’t 
know how to make like slime or searching things up  that you don’t know about. 
Advantage :

Disadvantage :

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