Video Games

Video Games are a fiction expires that is designed to have fun by your self and with your friends.

How do video games work?

Video Games are made with coding by linking buttons with actions which can cores a chain reaction for example if square is attac and you click square when you press square when no body is in front of you it will do nothing  but if you press square in front of an enemy it will attac the enemy.

What are video games?

Video Games are designed and used to have fun will playing a racing game driving around in your dream car or playing thrue a epic journey as your favarite character but that is’nt it you can also play with your friends so the amazing race that you where playing or that epic adventure you are on, you can do both of those with your friends and way more.


How can you communicate whith video games?

video games can be used to communicate in so many way’s like if you playing a video game with a group of your friends you chat to them while playing and if there offline you can always leave them a message.  Video Games started as big bulky arcade machine not the slim consoles that we’re use too today in fact they weighed about 100kg and each one whose only able to play one game.  Some of the first video games are still very popular to this day (a bunch of original arcade games are going for sale) including pack man and Donky Kong/Mario.

What are some recommended video games?

The adventeges of video games is that there a souses of entatanment,it is a way to pars time, you can communicate with friends when there not at your house the disadvantages of video games are that if someone has a lak of self control they can get addicted and some video games are violent or inappropriate but the raiting will show this.  I recommend big littil planet for young children that like a good story that they can under stand, for children that that are around 10 that like some action I recommend Star Wars Battelfront 2.

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