How we express our selves


I recommend that you get an I phone because you can do lots of different things on it like using social media, calling, texting,  FaceTime , Emailing ect. It is also great for communicating your ideas and beliefs.

Communicate ideas and beliefs

I think you can communicate your ideas and beliefs by posting images and words on social media. You can also text your ideas and beliefs on messages on a group chat or you can just text to one person. You… Continue Reading →

Disadvantages and advantages

I think that the disadvantages are that it is sometimes addictive and it is scientifically proven that it can make you really angry and upset and you can sometimes get cyber bullied i think that the advantages are that it… Continue Reading →


I think that the I phone  is great 📲 you can do lots of different things like using social media and playing games and a lot more. My  favourite app is the App Store It can keep you very busy… Continue Reading →

Telephone inventors

the two people who invented the telephone were Alexander graham bell and Antonio meucci


You can communicate your ideas and beliefs on an iPhone by texting or calling or emailing or posting things on social media

How communication has changed on the iPhone

Communication has changed because you used to only be able to call and you would have to talk to the phone operator to call the person that you wanted to call. The phone operator would be able to listen to… Continue Reading →

How do you use an I-phone

You can use an iPhone by communicating through texting, calling, emailing, using what’s app and using social media= Instagram, Facebook, and twitter you can also use YouTube to post your videos

What is an iphone ?📱

An iPhone is a Mobile phone/smart phone that you can walk around with.

Phone timeline

This is a timeline that shows lots of the different phones from 1900 to 2000 when the iPhones came and there are also lots of different iPhones now one of the most recent iPhones is the iPhone XR

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