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This is a video on how the iPhone has changed

how the iphone has changed – Google Search

How phones have changed

You used to have to dial the number and when you did it it took ages now when you dial the number it Bailey takes long and you can add that number to contacts so you don’t have to dial… Continue Reading →

SomeDifferent types of phones

iPhone apps

Phones☎️📞📱back then

This is a brick phoneLast weekend I visited my grandpa to learn a bit about phones and how they have changed over the years. When he was a child there was a big box like phone in the middle of… Continue Reading →

Phone ideas and beliefs

phones allow you to communicate your ideas and beliefs through social media and Texting and calling on social media you communicate your ideas and beliefs by posting different images and quotes. You can communicate your ideas and beliefs  through calling… Continue Reading →

Phones ☎️📲then and now

Phones used to have a call button and that was all so you used to only be able to call and now you can text and call and now there are many different ways that we can post things on… Continue Reading →

I phone advantages + disadvantages

What is An iPhone

An iPhone is a device that you text and call people. You can post ideas and beliefs on social media. Instagram is a way we can use social media to post ideas and beliefs.

Phones 📱introduction

As our unit of inquiry we got to choose a device and find out more about it. I chose a phone and I learnt that there are lots of different ways to communicate through a phone. We can use a… Continue Reading →

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