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Coding the JS Library with Emoji
Students explored the potential of images  as a way of  communicating through the use of emoji. In Week 1 classes read the first shortlisted picture book.                 This (More)
Redesign the JS LIbrary
Causation and Change: then and now
  Use the slider on the images below to see how the College has changed over the years.   In the beginning to an aerial photo of the College. The building of the Worship Centre The Multi-Purpose Hall The COLA (Covered Over (More)
JS Library Virtual Tour
The Junior School Library Search - Ask -Learn - Connect Tour the JS Library using the tools below. The interactive thinglink below is one way to virtually visit the JS Library. Select a link to view a space or feature in the JS Library (hover (More)
Book Week School Library Tour
Tour School Libraries for Book Week. Welcome to Children's Book Week.  You are invited to tour school libraries and see what they are doing for Book Week this year and take a peek into their library. Various school libraries have added their deta (More)
JS Library and HOTS in the Junior School
  View the SMORE Applying Higher Order Thinking Skills in the Junior School. Select the image below to view the resources interactively. Scan the QR (More)
Book Week, school library and virtual tour
TOUR THE WORLD THROUGH SCHOOL LIBRARIES We are looking at touring other #school #libraries through a virtual tour. Can you help us?   Loading... (More)
Celebrate Literacy in the JS Library Term 3 Activities Week 1
Week 1 Literacy Celebrations Term Three READ AROUND THE WORLD CHALLENGE We have been exploring the annual Book Week theme through the lens of the  PYP.  The theme is Australia My Story Country which we have adapted to exploring story through Worl (More)
Smore: Term 1 In review: Connect and Create; Relocation and Refurbishment
SMORE: The JS Library Space and Makerspace Term 2 in Reflection
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