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Digital Learning Day 2016
Digital Learning Day is an excellent way to celebrate the ways that our students engage with the world. In education, technology has changed the world we interact with each other - from the classroom to the world. “Education is evolving due to the i (More)
How We Organise Ourselves: Mini Exhibition
Year Five Mini-Exhibition The Year Five students have been preparing for their Mini- Exhibition this week. They have been inquiring into the impact of economic decision making. Central Idea The economic decisions within society have an impact (More)
JS Library in Review 2015 3R's : Reflect, Refine & Revitalise
NOVEMBER :Share a Story SING A STORY – RHYME A STORY  Book Chook Posts Rhyme & Rhythm More)
Sphero Maze Challenge: in Action
The students worked in groups to design a maze for navigating the Sphero. This is what happened.   (More)
Cubelets in Action
Read more about the Cubelets at the earlier Cubelet blog post. (More)
Robotics Rule:Sphero
SPHERO MAZE CHALLENGE                   TASK: Design a maze for the sphero to travel through. Consider the ways that the other teams can gain or lose points. C (More)
ROBOTICS RULE: THE JS Library M@kerspace
The focus for the JS Library Makerspace in Term 4 is exploration with robotics. Students have access to the following robotic reso (More)
How the Maker Movement Connects Students to Engineering and Tech (embed)
e-Learning trends to watch
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