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April: History is a Story
Could you design an app or a website? Your challenge is to produce an app designed teach another person about a topic for which are an ‘expert’. You might select a topic that (More)
Programming with Apps - Prezi and Thinglink
  The links and support resources for teaching Programming with Apps for Teachers and Students. More resources can be found at EdOffICT Programming page. (More)
Maker Spaces, Design Thinking & STE(A)M
Ideas in the making.... Just some thoughts Creating a Maker Space is just one way that we can connect what happens in the library to the real world. There are many versions of Maker Spaces. In reality it depends on many variables such as money, spa (More)
Diigo Digital Technologies weblinks
Join my Digital Technologies Diigo group. Resources shared to this diigo group are resources to support the teaching and learning in the Technologies curriculum. New members are welc (More)
ICT Mentors\' Explorations, AC and Digital Technologies
Today I had an ICT Mentor meeting with students who have nominated to be involved in this leadership group. The students have been tasked with the role of introducing Beebots to the s (More)
Random Sharing - research, websites, apps and Geography!
Some great new finds.....  RANDOM SHARE Research tools and websites, Goolge Docs and Apps for Geography. STUDY VIBE - Fantastic site!   Resources for teachers     GOOGLE DOCS FOR LEARNING   Slideshar (More)
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