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July 2019

Reccondamatoins On the iPhone

I think the iphone iPhone is great! It can help you with so many things, it is basically your virtual assistant. You can do everything you can possibly think of. I am really exited for the future iphone to see… Continue Reading →

Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages: The iphone can do al sorts of stuff that is great, the porpoise of an iphone is for entertainment and communication. If you have an iphone you how easy it is to communicate with friends and family. There are… Continue Reading →

How communication has changed on the iphone

First things first the iphone we have know was way different than back in the day. In the olden days the telephone was one big box connected to the wall in the middle of your house. If you wanted to… Continue Reading →

How does the iPhone allow you to communicate ideas a beliefs?

If you have an iPhone you will know how easy it is to communicate with friends and family. On your iPhone there will be a lot of apps to help you communicate. You can communicate through the messages, in the message… Continue Reading →

What is an iPhone?

An iPhone is an electrical device that looks like a thin rectangle with a touch screen allowing you to do all sorts of stuff like.. Lots of apps to communicate with your friends and family. Playing games to keep you… Continue Reading →

How apps have changed

I was looking internet and then I this image. I thought it was cool to show you guys how the apps have changed through the years. ☎️📞📱  


From…   a phone one to the wall.             To        A phone you can carry you can just call.                      To    … Continue Reading →

my video on the iPhone


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