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June 2019

How the phone has made an impact on our communication

In the olden days the communication was not great. There would be one big box on the wall that you could only call on. You would have to share a phone number with a person in your same street. Say… Continue Reading →

My Belief

I personally believe that the phone is a really good piece of technology for you to buy because is has so many useful apps and lots more!!


The Iphone has many apps that provide the user to communicate,  to be kept entertained and many other things. This image shows the most common apps on the Iphone.

Old Telephone

Last night I visited my grandad, we spoke about  technology he had when he was a kid. On of the biggest things that had changed when he was little was the size of things. When he was little there was… Continue Reading →

Assisted technology

The other day Catarina a year twelve student who built a prize winning piece of technology for a boy in grade 8 who had cerebral palsy. She discussed to us about the  process of making this technology and lots more!

Central idea

Unpacking our central idea so we can have a better understanding on it.

Our ideas on the phone

This morning me and Eliana got a piece of paper that had 4 questions on it about the phone. After writing on other sheets we decided we wanted to enquire into the Iphone.

My phone timeline☎️📲

My phone timeline I made this morning with Eliana! From oldest phone back in the 1080’s to the phones we have now.


Today I was researching on the iPhone I found out that the iPhone can communicate in so many ways like…….   1. Texting 2. Calling 3.  FaceTime 4. Emailing 5. Emojis And lots more!!

iPhone technology

Advantages and disadvantages on having an Iphone.  Should we have them or not?

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