Exploring Refugees through picture books

Teaching about refugees

The use of the picture book can be underrated as a resource once students are beyond Year 2 or 3. In my mind picture books are useful as teaching and learning tools even in Secondary School and beyond.

Currently Year 6 students are inquiring into the life of  refugees.

The following resource is designed around picture books suitable for this inquiry and age group.

Picture Book Evaluation

The Picture Book evaluation page has been structured for students to consider the purpose of the book and to try and consider from the perspective of the refugee.

The students examine each picture book for the following elements.

Who are the main characters? Why are they leaving their country?What tells you this in the story? What events forcedeach individual toflee their homeland? Consider the linguistic features – imagery, emotive language, personification, symbols, exaggeration, puns and sarcasm.

This simple resource sheet is one way to analyse a picture book.

This PPT file explains how to analyse a picture book.

Teacher Resources

Teaching about refugees and migration through picture books

Global Education wiki

Resource Kit – Refugee 

Useful resources – Refugee Council

Picture Book list

Screencasting in Literacy Rotations

Year 6 students will be exploring two apps that are sometimes known as Screencasting apps.

See Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Screencasting here and an iTunesU screencasting collection.

Students will consider the features of the apps and select one to create a demonstration video on a topic of their choosing. We will then share these with other students using Augmented Reality and add to a tutorial wall with student recommended apps.

The two apps we have identified are ShowMe and Explain Everything. There are many more that you could use to create a similar result. Both apps allow you to annotate, animate, and narrate a presentation.

See this guide for Teaching and recording a process using an iPad (@iPadWells).

Before students actually create their tutorial they need to plan their presentation using a story board.


Read this post before you start Steps in Creation.


ShowMe App Tutorials

Explore the ShowMe community to learn from others.

ShowMe PDF

Explain Everything App Tutorials

Explain Everything PDF 

Excellent tutorials and resources are  also available at the STiLT website  (see a few links below):

Navigating the home screen
Building your project
Recording narration
Exporting and saving your project


These resources are also available on the Year 6 Literacy Rotations page in Moodle.