Year 3 and Specialist

The Year 3 students had a combined session with their Specialist teachers this week.

What have Year 3 been learning?

The  Year 3students have been learning  How the world works.  They have been expresing the emotions of fishermen working on their boats.  The dance goes with the soran bushi song to depict hauling nets, throwing baskets of fish over their shoulders and putting nets out.

This Sorin Bushi dance can be viewed on YouTube on morocojin’s Channel.


Year 3 and Specialists on PhotoPeach

The story of Cinderella – perspective

Consider the story of Cinderella. Add some interactive-ness, then put on DeBono’s thinking hats and you will have a recipe for expressing ourselves from the perspective of Year 1.

This is the interactive version the story of Cinderella we used to set the scene.

These are some shots of us working, thinking and collaborating.

Yr 1 Express Ourselves – Cinderella on PhotoPeach

JS Library in review

The end of the year is looming…
It is time to reflect and consider the achievements over the year.
Oliver reports still need to be run and our stocktake is yet to come. Hopefully we will find lots of lovely surprises.

Currently I am working on the JS Library Annual Report . A PDF of the report will be posted next week on the wiki page.

This week is our last week of class borrowing. Stay tuned for the top borrowing class for 2011. Will it be your class?

You can view a snapshot of the term on the JSLibrary wiki page.

Watch the photopeach to see some photos from this term in the JS Library.
JS Library: Search-Ask-Learn-Connect on PhotoPeach