Drones by Mr Ivet

Today Mr Ivet came into yr 5 to discuss drone technology. I found out drones can display many purpose.

drone purpose
tall buiding safety checks 
film making
shark spotting
diliver pizza
rescue people
farmers can use to herd cattle
google maps
real estate photos

-can disrupt air space
-invade privacy
-can break/pollute 
-aggravate wildlife
-can be dangerous

Assisted Technology

Kat a yr 12 student from Marymac created a prize 
winning piece of assisted technology for will when 
he was in grade 8.

Belife-Kat believed that everyone should have access
to gaming.

Idea- Kat created a console for will that has 
cereable palsy to use.

who- friend with cereable palsy.

why-wanted him to work with technology in his own 

what- a gaming controller.

Idea-design[cardbored,]protoptyepe[3D prinyer],
final design,final version.

Week 1


Last week we got into 3 rotation groups to lean 
about diffrent types of technology. In coding we 
learnt about debugging,algorithm and a coding app.
In Spheros I found out that you can use any divides 
, controlled and you can even change its mood. 
Lastly we wrote about camp and discussed if pen and paper are types of technology.