Recommendations ⭐️

In the future I  recommend that you get a smart fridge because  they would’ve improved it to help our lives  . I think that was lots of people get smart fridges there will be much cheaper  and that is another reason why you should get them . Also  they will hopefully improve the smart fridge to not affect the earth as much .

Week 3🌸

Mrs Kelly came in one day to teach us about podcasts I learnt that podcasts are on demand and that they are on an app.  Podcasts are a bit different than the radio  the radio travels through sound waves and podcasts are just recorded.  Now since I have learnt about podcasts I have explored the app and listend to many great podcasts.🌿

Week 2 🌺

Mr Ivet came in one day to teach us about drones.  I learnt that drones are useful in many ways like Donimos now use drones to deliver pizzas and farmers use them to herd cattle.  Drones have some disadvantages  though,like they can invade privacy and break which pollutes.when we were learning about drones with mr Ivet I  also learnt that  some drones have cameras and some drones don’t .

Week 1 🌷

In our three rotations we did coding,pencil and paper and  we used Sphero. In coding I learnt all about debugging and algorithms  Also in pencil and paper I learnt  that technology isn’t just devices it’s things to help the human live  and last of all In Spheros I learnt that to work sphero devices need to communicate  sphero gets controlled by the user thats on the app and I also learned that Spheros are a type of coding .