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June 2019

What is it and How is it used

What is music technology? Music Technology  is the study or the use of any device, mechanism, machine or tool by a musician or composer to make or perform music ; to compose, notate, play back or record songs or pieces;… Continue Reading →

Make some recommendations about your technology and justify your position

During this unit I have found out a lot of info about music technology. I  recommend for you to make your own song or listen to some of your own music.I also  recommend for you to not just dance to… Continue Reading →

How music technology has made an impact on our Communication skills

I have being researching about this question and found some information about this. It’s really had to explained and express how you feel to others. Song lyrics are a lot easier to express how you feel. The back round sound track… Continue Reading →

Central idea

We unpacked the central idea which is Technology provides ways to communicate ideas and beliefs.

Music technology

          Music technology  For our new unit how we express ourselves I have decided to inquire into  Music technology.  We are assigned to answer some  questions that have to do with our topic . So far… Continue Reading →

Week 3

             Assistant technology Kat a yr 12 student for marymac created a prize winning piece of assistant technology . Belife- Kat believed that everyone should have access to gaming. Idea- she  created  a console for… Continue Reading →

Week 2

                  Podcasting      The biggest thing l learnt was it pre ready and listen to anything.           Podcasting is a great app it because it allows you to… Continue Reading →

Week 1

           Provocation last week we got into 3 rotations groups to learn about different types of technology. In coding we learnt about debugging and was lost of fun because you can play lost of fun… Continue Reading →

Hello world!

Welcome to your brand new blog at St Andrews Lutheran College Sites. To get started, simply log in, edit or delete this post and check out all the other options available to you. For assistance, visit our comprehensive support site,… Continue Reading →

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