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Cyber bulling

cyber bulling may not sound horrible but it really is. People are losing money and their personal details being shared to the world. So now you may ask what is cyber bulling?  cyber bulling is were some one may call… Continue Reading →


Unpacking the central

today I unpacked the central idea.   This is my understanding


I have chosen a computer because i was interested in the olden day computers and because of all the fun things you can use them for.   A computer is pice of technology with serious coding allowing people to go… Continue Reading →

Kat a year 12 student from Mary Mac created a prize winning pice of assistance technology for Will with cereable palsy who always wanted to play video games. ________________________________________________ Mane ideas…….. Belief: Kat believed that ever one should have access… Continue Reading →

A few weeks ago the classes did rotations so we could learn about our new unit.          My first rotation was coding with miss Cadden she shared with us a web site called code studio .com. On… Continue Reading →

Pod casting

Kelly from ABC me came to share with us what pod casting is. Though podcasting people can  communicate and share their beliefs. Kelly explained the difference between the radio and pod casting. She told us that the radio travels through… Continue Reading →

12 June 2019

Welcome to my blog

Week 1

Welcome to your brand new blog at St Andrews Lutheran College Sites. To get started, simply log in, edit or delete this post and check out all the other options available to you. For assistance, visit our comprehensive support site,… Continue Reading →

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